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Your online presence is extremely important for business owners to make an impression in today’s world of technology. Social Ubiquity will continue to produce articles to educate and inform of the leading topics and trends to improve your company’s website.

How to get customers to leave reviews on Google

How to get customer reviews on Google without having to ask your clients or customers to leave you a review.   This can be a bit awkward at times to ask for reviews. First of all, knowing that your business can definitely use them to build trust and reputation....

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How To Use GOOGLE MY BUSINESS Effectively

How to use Google My Business  You have stumbled upon this article on how to use Google My Business for your search ranking. There is a lot of information out there that will hurry and go through the gist of this extremely important tool for your business. Here we...

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Metadata That Increases Search Ranking

Metadata that increases search ranking The impact and relevance of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with metadata that increases search ranking in this present world of ceaseless and uninterrupted chain of innovation, novelty and grand invention cannot be...

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3 Simple Tips To Increase SEO Instantly Looking for way to increase SEO instantly could be overwhelming. There is many factors that you must follow to get to know and understand Search Engine Optimization to increase organic visitors for FREE. Here is a quick check...

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