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Social Ubiquity improves the quality of life for those to share with. Increasing personal growth within the company and providing premium customer service for businesses who are ready for real results.

The vision of Social Ubiquity, why start a tech business?

Innovation of technology will continue to evolve. Business of any size must have a marketing plan in place to increase local branding or consistent traffic to a digital space of automation and convenience.

The foreseeable measures to increase in value with newly innovative technology that provides more convenience for the end users and continue an autonomous environments

All Started with Software  Development

Social Ubiquity started in a Library in Henderson, NV by Robert Montoya. A software engineering student and a graduate of honors.

As a lead engineer for a local ISP (internet service provider), creating business websites with a keen eye for design was the direction of the business.

Social Ubiquity has grown with a amazing group of developers and SEO experts. To create aesthetically pleasing websites that are fully functional and easy to use. Our client services have one goal in mind, to produce results and assist our clients to scale their business for continued growth.

The future for Social Ubiquity

Started from Las Vegas, NV and moving to Miami, FL in 2019. Social Ubiquity has now expanded to Savannah, GA and will continue to provide top notch website design, SEO, and GBP (Google Maps) services and products.

We are very transparent company with amazing finance options. If you like to know more on how we can assist your businesses online presence, please contact for a free consultation.

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