Are you all set to build your very own business website?

Well, you might be a tad bit confused as to how you can proceed step by step. No worries please! Here we are going to provide you an in-depth guide to how you can set up a website for your business. Website is the best way to reach the crowd as the digital world has taken the world to a different level. Plus the benefits are many that cannot be disagreed. Do you know that  ou can actually set up a website under 30 minutes? If you are really keen enough, you must stick to the article till the end.

Step By Step Guide To Achieve the Best Business Website

Follow the step by step elaborate guide that will let you have the best business website for yourself in no time. The steps are easy, short and simple so  hat you have no difficulty in understanding. Here we go!

Determine the website CMS platform.

Determine the website CMS platform.

Step 1 – Determine the Platform

Are you one of them who believe that an apt knowledge on the Software Engineering is required to build your website? If you are the one, then we regret to tell you that you are wrong. Now-a-days there has been a lot of website builders or content management systems (CMS), both free and paid available in the market making the work of the novice easier as well with their smart website builder. Some of the well known website builders are WordPress (free), Wix (paid) Joomla (free), Progress Sitefinity (free), squarespace (paid) and Weebly (paid). There is another option to build your website that is from the scratch. But this i not at all recommendable as it takes  a whole lot of time while the CMS takes up only 30 minutes to help you  ith your desired website.

Step 2 – Grab a Web Hosting and Register for a Domain Name

The crucial things that you are going to need before you start off with your business website are having a relevant domain name along with the web hosting. Domain name refers to the web address of your website e.g., Web Hosting is a service that connects your website to the server. It helps in the storage of all images and important documents and  lets you access at any point of time. Some of the hosting providers offer you free domain whilst maximum of them are separately chargeable but affordable. 

Find the best web hosting at affordable pricing.

Find the best web hosting at affordable pricing.


In short, your website will not have any existence on the internet

Unless there is a web hosting and a proper domain. You can choose one from one of the best web hosting. It is recommended that you choose Bluehost as they have amazing offers round the year with affordable packages. All you need to do is visit Bluehost’s website and choose a hosting plan from  basic, plus and choice plus. Then you need to choose your preferred domain name and check the availability. It is always suggested that you have alternative names in case there is any problem with the first one. Then you need to fill in your account details and payment information. Create a login id and password to access your Bluehost account.

Step 3 – Setup Your Website on Your Preferred CMS

Amongst all the content management systems, WordPress is the most widely used due to its wide range of advantages. It is recommended that you use WordPress as your base for the business website as not only it is advantageous but you do not have to pay a penny for installing and using WordPress. Visit the official website of WordPress and choose the one-click installation process. You need to visit your Bluehost account (if you have taken up Bluehost’s hosting for your website). Enter in the control panel section. Search for the Website or WordPress icon and choose the domain where your website will be installed. Next you need to click on the “Install Now” button to get access to your new WordPress website.

Step 4 – Customize Your Website

You obviously do not want your website to look same like the other websites, normal and cliché. Once you have installed the WordPress successfully to your domain, you will be provided with a clean and basic template. You need to modify it with the required detailing to give it an elegant look. First things first, you need to apply a template. There are quite a good number of free templates to choose from. In case you want to use a theme that is not listed in the free themes, you can simply purchase a premium theme.

Working with the top notch website design team to trust.

Working with the top notch website design team to trust.

Step 5 – Furnish your Website with Relevant Content

To add content to your website, first you need to add pages like About Us, Services, and Products etc and then put content accordingly to the respective pages.

You can edit posts or create a blog page which you need to update frequently. Also do not forget to add plugins like the Yoast SEO and related plugins. The plugins play a very important role as they are the add-ons helping out in all possible ways.  here are endless customization and tweaks to explore.

Each and every business, irrespective of the size must own a website

A proper website is the face of the company and will enable you to get more popularity. Business websites must be based on the type of business and proper CMS must be used.

For example if you are planning for any E-Commerce business, you can choose Shopify or Woo-commerce. You can choose a simple flat template for Blogs.

The informational websites must not be too overpowering

On the design or the font as well. Yet there must be a clean and elegant look to the website containing all the important pages, content and most importantly images. A bland website will never be the eye-catching one. Thus to stay out of the crowd, you need to implement certain customizations. You obviously can alter the customizations whenever it’s needed from the WordPress dashboard.

Lastly, think about updated the website on a regular basis. The purpose of a website is to showcase and answer all of the questions people are asking. Check out this article on outdated websites.


That’s all folks!

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