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Some Would Argue that You Should even Increase Your Digital Marketing

During a pandemic or other major crisis, many activities need to be significantly pulled back. Socializing for one, as well as congregating in large crowds. In the business world, many companies will need to slow down or close altogether, at least for a few weeks until the crisis passes. 

It’s at these times that many business owners feel the need to slow or even stop their digital marketing outreach. The economy slows to a crawl and, with a much lower influx of funds, many owners begin hoarding cash. It all seems to make good business sense, but here’s a fact; in most cases, the opposite is actually true. When a pandemic is sending some businesses scurrying for cover might be the very best time to continue or even increase your digital marketing, including email, SEO, social media and so forth.

In this article, Top 7 Reasons Why You Continue a SEO Campaign During a Pandemic, we’ll take a look at the reasoning behind this bold statement, and why now might be your best chance to get a major jump on your competitors, gain a market advantage and reach a much larger audience. Enjoy.

Reason #1- Online Viewing Increases Significantly During Social Isolation

Let’s say you’re a dentist and run commercials on your local TV station at night. Then let’s say that your clinic is forced to close for a few weeks due to a pandemic. Should you stop those expensive commercials from airing until your clinic doors can reopen? Yes. Cashflow is low and new patients can’t come anyway. It would be mostly a waste of money, and let’s be honest most people are binge-watching their fave streaming shows anyway, not local TV.

Should, however, you increase your online marketing, including SEO, email and social media? Yes, yes and yes. During a time of home isolation many folks, including prospective patients, will increase their online viewing significantly. They’re stuck at home, bored and need something to pass the time, so being online where they can see your business is a great move. For example, you could create a social media post to tell them about the benefits of dental implants or write a blog post about some alternative methods of whitening their teeth.

SEO campaign during a pandemic has Increased online viewing
Increased online viewing

While this won’t bring in new patients per se, it will let people know you care, you’re there and you’re an expert at what you do, all of which will pay big benefits when things get back to normal. Plus, it’s much cheaper than TV and you can run your campaign as frequently (or infrequently) as you like.

Reason #2- Your Competition Has Slowed or Stopped their Digital Marketing

Now is the perfect time to gain some market share over your competition because they’ve either sowed their digital marketing down to a crawl or stopped their marketing campaigns completely. There’s no better situation than being the lone voice in your field (or at least one of the few voices) because it means that when consumers need help, advice or information they’re going to have to come to you to get it. 

Reason #3- Stopping Your Digital Marketing Now May Cause Customers to Believe You’re Out of Business

Sadly, many businesses will go under during a pandemic or other massive social crisis and, if suddenly all of your marketing campaigns stop, customers may think that yours is one of them. That would be the last thing that you want because, as customers usually do, they will go off searching for another business to provide them with the goods or services that they need if they think you’re gone. That has the potential to actually ruin you and force you to close, a self-fulfilling prophecy if we ever saw one you’ve got to admit.

Closed for good
Closed for good

Reason #4- Digital Marketing is a Virtual Lifeline for Customers

With the proper digital marketing strategies in place, you create a digital lifeline, so to speak, to your established customers, who may be looking to you for advice and information during times of crisis. There’s no better way to build a strong affinity for your brand, products and services by simply being there if and when a customer reaches out.

Let’s be honest, a pandemic is a stressful time for everyone, and that includes your customer base. Letting them know that you’re there, you care and you’ll be there when things get better is a strong reminder of why they chose your company in the first place, and will likely see them coming back for more in the future, And all because you stuck to your digital marketing plans and kept them informed.

Reason #5- Lean Times = Lower Ad Rates

When many of your competitors cut back or stop their digital marketing something strangely wonderful happens; ad rates drop. What that means for you is that the same money you spent last month on digital ads will go much further this month, and potentially reach a lot more clients and customers. Want a great example? Check out Pluckers Wing Bar. Rather than pull back or stop completely, they went full steam ahead and likely increased their customer base, market share and identity as the best wing spot in town.

Reason #6- Focus On Showing Current Customers You Value Their Business

Every business owner worth their salt will tell you that happy, satisfied customers are the best advertising you can get because they go out and tell anyone who will listen about how wonderful you’re treating them. That being said, during a pandemic is the best time to focus on these customers and show them how much you value them by giving them something of value.

  • Double your Rewards program (or create one)
  • Give better incentives for purchasing
  • Reach out to customers via email or, even better, by phone, to see if they’re OK
  • Offer virtual consulting
  • Post live updates on Facebook
  • Give an incentive for customers who leave positive feedback on your website, a review site or social media.
Human compassion adds value
Human compassion adds value

Reason #7- Letting Customers Know Who You Are and What Your Business Truly Stands For

As we’ve mentioned, there are many people right now who are stuck at home, bored silly and looking for things to do. One of those things will be to surf online endlessly, making this an excellent time for you to engage with them and show that who you are, what you’re about and what your company stands for.

Talk about where and how our company started, and what it means to you. Let them know the reasons you got into the business and the industry you’re in, and what your plans are for the future. most of all, tell them about the products and services you offer, the guarantees you might have, and the type of people that work for you delivering those products and services. 

That your business might be closed right now doesn’t change the fact that, when it’s open, you deliver the best in town at whatever it is you specialize. Of course, if you are open but your hours have changed somewhat due to the crisis, definitely let customers know that as well so they don’t arrive at your business to find a ‘closed’ sign.

Bonus Reason- Things Will Get Back to Normal, And Your Business Will Be Ready to Rock

As they say, this too shall pass. Now what should you do next with a SEO campaign during a pandemic? The pandemic will end and, in time, things will get back to ‘normal’. It might be a new normal, and even vastly different normal, but if you’ve been getting the word out to customers and potential customers alike you’ll have an edge on the competition that’s hard to beat.

For further advice, assistance or guidance on how to keep your digital marketing moving forward during a time when things seem to have stopped, reach out to Social Ubiquity. We’re the industry leader in SEO and website design serving the Las Vegas and Miami metro areas.

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