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If you are in the business of selling or renting boats and have a yachting website then you are likely on the lookout for ways to drive more traffic to your site. Like any channel to potential customers, your website is a way for you to connect with people interested in what you have to offer. This allows you to turn marketing leads into satisfied customers. And one of the most important aspects to your marine website is well thought out yachting SEO that gives you the best chance of converting those leads into paying customers.

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What is yachting SEO?

As you probably already know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This simply means optimizing your site so that search engines such as Google can parse it effectively and rank it for search terms that are appropriate for both the site and the people browsing those search terms. Yachting SEO is search optimization that is specialized for yachting websites.

Why do you need yachting SEO services for your site?

Each individual website has different needs in terms of its optimization. Customers looking for a particular topic have expectations about how information is presented to them. They want the things that are most important to them available as near as possible to their landing page on a website. And they want to be able to branch out from their landing point in a natural fashion that matches any additional questions that they may have as they learn more about the subject that brought them to the site initially.

The search engines also need to understand what your yachting website is about. This allows them to match your website up with the search terms that people who might be interested in your website and services are actually searching for. Effective yacht marketing for your business ensures that your site is optimized to attract as many of the right kinds of visitors as possible from the search engine results pages. This requires whoever does your SEO work to understand your yachting business so that they can optimize your site for the customers your business caters to. 

Audit Your Website’s SEO Now!
Enter the URL of your homepage, or any page on your site to get a report of how it performs in about 30 seconds.

What do yachting SEO services involve?

Keyword optimization is obviously a part of good SEO, but it’s less important these days than ensuring that your website is actually friendly for humans as well as search engines. There are many mistakes that business website owners make in creating their websites and these mistakes often lead to frustration on the part of website visitors. Ideally, you want as many visitors as possible to convert into customers, so anything that might turn them away from your site is the potential cause of a lost sale.

The flow of the visitor experience as they navigate your site should be the priority of good SEO practices. The visitor should have a clear idea of what your site offers when they arrive on any of your site’s landing pages. If they have a problem that your site offers a solution to then they should see hints of that solution in the navigation information on your site. Your site should be organized in a way that gives the visitor a clear idea of how to navigate to sections that interest them and which may help them solve their problems.


The next most important part of good SEO is creating points of discovery on the web for both search engines and human visitors to find your site. In the case of search engines, these points of discovery also act as ranking signals. Modern social media provides many opportunities for creating discovery points for your yachting website. Good yacht marketing will make use of these social media sites to post media that relates to yachting in the form of selected and properly edited images on Pinterest, videos related to your business on YouTube, podcast discussions related to yachting on social audio sites, and similar media matched to appropriate social media sites.

There are many new and emerging methods and channels to market your yachting business website these days. Good SEO practices can make use of all of these in sustainable ways that will give your business the best chance possible to grow and succeed. To be effective though, these SEO measures need to work in with both the yachting industry and your yachting business in complementary ways. So make sure that your website SEO plan is well thought out to ensure that it meets your needs.

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