Growth marketing is gaining popularity by the minute. It involves marketers finding and driving the right consumers to a business—people who are more likely to purchase from the company, regardless of where they are in the sales funnel.

However, the average customer journey has become more fragmented because of the availability of multiple smart devices and the expansion of channel accessibility. Getting the right message to the right target audience on the right devices at the right time has become much more challenging.

Not to be confused with SEO or PPC, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the key to finding success in the world of growth marketing. But SEM is an ongoing strategy that requires long-term efforts to increase the conversion of qualified consumers.

Specialists at Social Ubiquity share the best practices for improving the impact, reach, and value to win at SEM campaigns in today’s market.

#1- Evolve the Growth Marketing Plan to Deliver Value Across the Consumer’s Journey

When the behavior of the fragmented target market evolves, it’s crucial to ensure your growth marketing plan is adapted accordingly. Determine the purchase intent of all the customers behind the clicks.

Gather background information in the awareness stage to be able to make more informed decisions. During the consideration phase, compare different products, explore buying guides, and get acquainted with reviews, recommendations, costs, and features.

In the conversion stage, consumers check availability, find promotions, and compare prices before eventually making the purchase. Build richer personas to maintain relationships with existing customers who are bombarded with choices for the same products or services.

Choose high-volume keywords when targeting the audience. The last stage is expansion, where satisfied consumers will leave reviews or market your product to peers through word of mouth if they’re impressed with your brand. The new qualifying audience then goes back to the awareness stage, and the cycle repeats.

Once all the gaps are identified, tailor the growth marketing strategy to address the loopholes and improve customer experience.

#2- Align the Business and Campaign Goals

Search not only affects but also helps measure the business goals. It helps to align the SEM strategy with the campaign objectives. If the objective is to win new clients, the audience will rely on the search to make informed decisions during the purchasing process.

Driving sales is another strength of search. It shows more promising results across devices and marketing channels regarding conversion rates. In addition, always competitively bid on the non-brand, competitors, and branded keywords.

Marketing analysis SMM and SEO outcomes for improved marketing strategy

Use growth metrics to make data-informed modifications to the strategy. Data shows over 67% of branded ad clicks were influenced by non-branded search queries, making them an important component of starting the journey. The likelihood of searchers making branded queries after being exposed to branded ads on the generic searches increases by 30%.

#3- Market Funnel Expansion

Search isn’t just a product but rather a behavior in today’s world. People worldwide turn to search on different devices—smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. The way users search at different touch points in their purchase journeys paves the way to engaging a brand with a new potential audience.

 Cross-channel marketing means customers at different levels in the sales funnel can interact with your company’s website or social media platform as per their convenience and preference. Therefore, don’t neglect any channel and focus the strategy on the full funnel to improve conversion rates.

Improved engagement will also result in your current and new target audiences becoming repeat customers in the long run. Tapping them consistently across multiple channels helps create top-of-the-mind awareness of the brand.

Search offers valuable insights into delivering influence throughout the different stages of a buyer’s journey. SEM, therefore also unifies the marketing effort and reinforces the conversion funnel.

#4- Outsource SEM to a Reliable Team

Does your marketing team lack the resources to achieve desirable results? Partner with a company like Social Ubiquity to get a holistic website, SEO, and SEM experience that will help your business grow.

Considering growth marketing is heavily data-driven and fast-paced, you’ll benefit more by hiring industry experts dedicated to upgrading your growth marketing strategy according to the latest trends and best practices.

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