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What is Website Internet marketing?

Connecting the consumer to the products and services a company provides.

Content Creation
Website Content
Website Usability
Website Usability
Website Aesthetics
Website Aesthetics
Website Visibility
Website Visibility
Website Interaction
Website Interaction

First Impressions count

A company website will most likely be the first impression

Thousands of searches are done each day for the services and products that businesses provide. Internet Marketing connects the consumer to the business.

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“We opened our Beauty Salon in Aventura, FL during times of restrictions. Trying to brand our business and gain customers was a challenge in the beginning.

Social Ubiquity being a local company, they have redesigned our website and put together a plan to help with traffic to our business. We now have increased and consistent business and are happy with the results.”

Sevda Kulieva

Best Beauty Salon

“Meeting Robert Montoya was a huge turning point for my business. His knowledge of the digital world coupled with his vast skill set ranging from coding to digital engineering.

His understanding of marketing and the metrics required to boost your business is outstanding. Excellent experience working with Social Ubiquity.”

Albert Salpetrier

Realtor, Compass Realty

“I would like to specifically mention Robert Montoya. Being a new Client, from the very start he worked helping me right away. He goes above and beyond to make exactly what you are wanting or need right away!

Very Outstanding Customer Service!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Business Social Ubiquity. You honestly won’t find better than them!!”

Ashley Woods

The Voice Consignment Boutique

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Internet marketing services and products

Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, and Google Maps is primary services of Website Internet Marketing.

The three services used are the primary search results that are used when users are looking to making a buying decision. The focus is with search engines and how to increase a clients visibility with ranking position.

What Is The Future of SEO?

The world of internet marketing is consistently changing. As a business in 2022, using multiple digital systems to market service and products has become a necessity. Buyers are researching information or locations where they will Buy, Eat Out, or Visit. 

With so many businesses and industries these days relying on the power of the internet experts are needed who can help boost your sales and generate more revenue now more than ever.

In Addition, the changes brought by the global pandemic have dramatically shifted the course of tides in the economics, finance, and business fields. As a result, many companies have established a significant foundation online, and it has been working in their favor.

You might ask: my business was doing well before this happened, so what makes it unique now?

The answer is that many people are now utilizing the power of the internet to make purchases, which makes their lives easier. Digital marketing is now the new normal.

As people are still uncomfortable in public these days. However, looking at a website from their computer and smartphones would get them interested in purchasing products and services event though they are not stepping out of their houses to visit a physical store locations.

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When a business increases their internet presence, which will start raising brand awareness. Furthermore, if many people recognize the company image, they will visit the website. Ultimately, this would lead to people buying any products and services, thank to the internet presence that brought them there in the first place.

Increased traffic would mean increased interest in the brand, hopefully translating to generating more revenue and ensuring a business has a strong reputation online. All of these factors work together to ensure that businesses will have a solid online reputation, increased website traffic, raising more brand awareness and reach, and ultimately generating more sales from online stores.

High Quality Content
Mobile First
Internal Linking
On-Page / Off-Page
Page Experience
Page Speed
External Linking
Local Listing
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From what you can see above, there is no disadvantage in building a foundation rooted online. today’s technological advancements have made it possible for someone in Las Vegas to book yachting services in Miami for the next few months without having the hassle of visiting your office, which is hundreds of miles away from them.

Beauty salon in Los Angeles would be able to sell products to someone interested from Chicago or New York. Likewise, someone from Austin would check the waterfront properties for sale in Miami and contact for a meeting through real estate website.

In short, must set foot online for the business to grow and prosper. that is how the dynamics are currently . Social Ubiquity provides services to helps businesses get that much-needed boost online to increase website traffic, widen the reach and engagement, make people aware of the company brand, and earn more sales from online transactions.

Taking internet marketing to the next level with innovative solutions and services. Team of highly skilled and qualified experts can help steer the wheels back to the right path while listening to certains aspects of the business.



At the heart of online business is the website. Website serves as the company’s face online, where customers and clients can see what products and services are offered. This is also where the sales happens, especially when products are available for online transactions. Making websites look appealing, informative, and sufficient would drive the point across – having everything the end user is looking for, and do not need to go somehwere else fo find it.

However, buying a domain online, put a few things on the tabs, and call it an “official website” is not efficient. Instead, helping transform the website into a place where traffic gets converted to sales, generating more income and revenue for any business. This reason is why online business is a journey in itself.



Team will equip and furnish a business website with the necessary tools to run the company website effectively. These tools would help online visitors be more engaged with the business and it helps them navigate through a website to find the items and other information they need. Utilizing the best marketing strategy fit for the business brand and needs.

The only thing permanent in this world is change, and the design team of web designers and developers are always on top of their game. It is a part of their responsibility to keep any website updated with all the necessary tool upgrades and other developments to ensure that a new company website will be up and running as soon as it hits the ground.

Audit Your Website’s SEO Now!
Enter the URL of your homepage, or any page on your site to get a report of how it performs in about 30 seconds.

three part process how to get the design project done

Step One to Website Design

First, coordinate a meeting, discussing the details to have on the new website. Then,  present proposed plans based on the competitors’ websites and evaluate everything to suit the needs and preferences.

Step Two to Website Design

Then, continuously  work on the design and development, with project manager providing needed updates.

Step Three to Website Design

Lastly, present the finished product, and also allow to have the option of getting monthly analytics reports from us to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a newly website design.

With these steps, ensuring that the qualified and dedicated web design team will take care of all needs from the moment of first meeting to provide all the reports needed from the website that is design and developed especially for the business.

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