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What can an outdated website do to your business professional profile?

Business owners are consistently investing money into their companies physical aspects as in hardware, furniture, office remodeling, company vehicles, and training. One area that companies are not taking into consideration is their very own outdated website. Which in a way,  not understanding how the world of technology works then it does not come to mind.

Therefore, companies that hire a web team or contracts a known digital authority in today’s world of technology, will surpass their competition. Which they will stay in the forefront of the industry norms and take the fair share of the online traffic.

Our Outdated Website Does Not Receive Leads.

This is a common statement that majority of business owners are giving nowadays. I understand that the company website is not working in your favor. The main reason the company website is not working is due to the lack of involvement. Therefore, not releasing the full potential of this most important tool that you have.

Below is the difference between a company that does not want to invest in their outdated website. Compared to a company who knows the value of an updated website and the potential leads that it would bring.

All Phase Electrical | Home Page

The one above is a prime example of an outdated website that would benefit a overhaul. When you view this page, what are some of the key elements that are important in today’s world of having an online presence?

Background is not easy on the eyes

The different colored blocks to the background of the wrapper

Not enough content on this page for search engine

Images are outdated with no ALT tags

No CTA (call to action) buttons

To Dark of a color palette

Now the elements listed are very important but there is much more that is involved to make an aesthetically pleasing website. Which will keep your end users engaged.

Below is a website that is currently being worked on by Rock Coconut. Rock Coconut web design agency that works with Social Ubiquity that has many of the key elements that make the content clear and easy to use for their potential leads.

EA Systems LV | Home PageThe website here has the key elements to capture the attention of any end user who is interested in finding a contractor in this industry.

Updated Website Key Elements

End users like the accessibility to click a button that will take them to a contact form.  Not without having to scroll to the top of the page or look around.

Even though this website is currently in the works, breaking up the content in sections always works. User don’t see this with outdated websites as then have long drawn out paragraphs without images or icons.

Breakup paragraphs into sections and subsections.

Breaking up content in sections makes navigating a website much easier as you can find what your looking for. For a company to attract a lead for Energy Savings, there will be a separate sections with either an image or icon to navigate to. From this brief statement of Energy Statement will be hyperlinked to a page that is dedicated to Energy Savings.

The company logo will be display above the fold and on the navigation bar of the website. Including the logo and company information once again is way to stay in front of the end user to remind them who you are. There fore the potential lead will not forget the name EA Systems and associated that name to Electrical Services.

Also, include testimonials on the website. Especially for contractors, where their craftsmanship will speak for itself through a testimonial of previous clients.

Testimonials makes the website personable.


Should I Keep My Outdated Website Active?

Here is the real issue when it comes to having an outdated website when your company relies on leads and sales. Word of mouth can only go so far. You will have repeat business and referrals, which are those whom you worked with before. With the rapid rate of new business that are starting up, the competition is ready to take any leads they can. New businesses know the ROI (return on investment) when it comes to a new or update an existing website.

Once your competitors start to create an online presence and are active. In a short time the company website will start to produce leads for the business, making the website the most valuable employee. An employee that is ready to work 24/7, 365 days a year. Ready to produce info and answer questions on your behalf to hundreds or thousands of viewers at a time.

In today’s world of business, there is no point for to sugar coat the inevitable. As technology advances, business owners who decline to have a web presence or have an outdated website will soon lose clients.

If you don’t know where your website stands, click on the links below to test.

Test Your Existing Website

Test your website ranking and the score of your website. You then know what must be done to improve your aesthetic look, search ranking, security, and speed. Below are two quick links to use.

  1. SEOptimer
  2. GTmetrix

You can also have us run a report for your current website and will assist you on what is needed to improve.

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