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Google has recently changed its algorithm to give the top spot to websites that are mobile friendly. This reason is not far from the fact that mobile browsing has the future in its hands. In years to come, almost everything will be done on smartphones and tablets, although we already see that as at now, no one switches their laptops just to look up something on Google. So if your website is not designed to meet with Google’s mobile friendliness and its features, your brand, visibility and ranking may be at risk.

Beat Your Competition


52% of internet users have claimed they are probably less likely to engage or visit websites that give a poor mobile user experience and this is not surprising, especially in this mobile, pocket internet age. Report also shows that 62% of companies with websites that put the mobile-friendliness first through their web design see an enormous increase in sales and engagement over those with the desktop-only website.

Making your website mobile friendly puts you at the forefront of your competition and increase your rank on Google Search. Logically, it means that your business is ready to give its target the best its got.

Creating A Mobile Responsive Website

Before you start optimizing your website, you need to know how much your website needs to be improved. Use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to test your website and determine which parts of your website need repairing. The tool also offers suggestions for improving your website for mobile devices. You can also use your Google Analytics data to find out what types of mobile devices people use primarily on your website. Based on this information, you can then optimize your website for some device screens.

Tip: For higher engagement, use some CTA buttons on the homepage when you convert to mobile. Above is the desktop view of the home page. Below is the mobile view of the home page.
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Mobile Friendly
  1. Optimize Your Website For Touch Screens

One of the biggest differences between mobile and desktop devices is their ability to interact. On mobile devices, people are used to zooming and gliding at their fingertips to see more. Designing your website is not enough to provide a great mobile user experience. You should also optimize your website for touch screens, and this is done by adding touch-screen navigation to the website. For example, you can make sure that slideshows on your website can be shared with your fingers. Filling in forms like the e-mail subscription forms is easier to accomplish by reducing the number of fields in a form.
  1. Compress HTML, CSS and images

Making the website faster is another important part of optimizing a mobile device website. You need to make sure that your website loads fast enough to keep visitors from getting frustrated, especially on mobile devices. Compress your high-resolution images to make sure your blog posts do not consume too much data on mobile devices. Also, compress and minimize HTML and CSS of your website to increase the speed. Installing a good caching plug-in will help.
  1. Choose the correct font sizes

Even some of the most popular blogs still use small font sizes that hurt their eyesight reading. Your visitors should not have to use the zooms to be able to read your website, and this is the exact reason for the need to use correct font sizes. Using very small, incompatible fonts can completely ruin the user experience. In fact, you can solve this problem by configuring a graphics window to make sure your sources are processed to the correct sizes on different device screens. It’s a simple process, but you need CSS skills to do it.
  1. Switch to a better Theme

Of course, since you use WordPress, the easiest way to make your website compatible with mobile devices is to employ the use of a better theme. Buy a premium WordPress theme that comes with a mobile-optimized design to replace your old theme with the new one. Alternatively, you can use a plug-in to optimize your website for mobile devices. However, this method is not recommended and will slow down the loading of your website a bit. Use it only as a temporary solution until you find a permanent solution.
  1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project designed to enable mobile users to surf the Internet seamlessly. Once implemented, AMP will create optimized versions of your blog posts that can be viewed in fractions of a second on mobile devices. AMP makes sure that the loading your website is accelerated. So when you visit an AMP-managed website, you feel like you’re using a native app on your phone. Google also classifies AMP websites in their mobile search results.
  • Having a mobile-friendly website is as simple as these steps above. Keep testing if your website is mobile friendly with software like Browser Stack till you get the best result. Put your business on the top Google Ranking and increase your visibility effortlessly.
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