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Construction has always been a booming industry that has built America throughout time. Construction SEO is now a key element to growing and scaling any construction business.

With a background in construction, we know what each trade is looking for in a professional web design.

How does a construction business benefit from seo services?

With thousands of searches being done each daythat pertain to your industry. SEO gives Constrcution companies opportunity to gain the traffic through consistent work on ones website.

This does sound simple in a way right. I will simply show you how SEO could either make or break your business. Don’t be alarmed and think your business is at risk. Do know that your competitors are using SEO services to their advantage. They use this technique to gain new contracts which leads them to higher end projects.

Damage Repairs

End users are looking for samples and credibility when it comes to fixing issues in their home as well commercial properties.


From start to finish on any size of project. Potential new clients view your process throughout the duration of any construction project.


Renovations are extremely important when it comes to updating an exisiting structure. Share your ideas and inspiration with others.


The aesthetic design of a good paint project will go a long way with an amazing portfolio of various colors to paint new and exisiting structures.


Looking to gain new electrical contracts through a company website. Show the end users the efficiency and safety of a well done project.


Skilled carpenters and millworkers don’t have the recognition they deserve. A portfolio and back story keeps your audience engaged. 

How can my company gain new business through SEO?

NASCAR is the same as SEO.

I like to use the analogy of a NASCAR. You might be a fan of this sport or not but the key element is understanding what it takes to compete with the best. Would you be a fan of a racing team that had the best looking car but doesn’t race? There would be no point to root for them if they are not trying.

To compete with the best you must have the car (website). Amazing crew (SEO experts) and all the best performance components to the car (content, portfolio, articles, and hosting.) Most importantly, the driver (SEO agency.)

Now your ready to get on the track (search engines) and build your fan base (leads.)

I don’t need any web services for my company.

My business has repeat customers and word of mouth.

This is a common answer from most business owners. I understand that construction companies attract new business by word of mouth or have been around for many decades. Times are changing and keeping up with the change of how to stay in front of new potential clients in the construction industry is rapidly changing also.

We all know the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Yes this is true and that is why you want to hire younger generation who are involved with the ever changing industry of technology. Construction SEO is now a demand and businesses that are involved will prosper. This can be your company who is now taking the lions’ share of the traffic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get my construction business to be noticed online?

Starting with the most important element is the construction website. Whether your construction company has a website and has not been updated in years or just sitting. This is a sign that your business is not searchable online through the major search engines.

With an updated and amazing aesthetically designed website that pleases the eye of your audience. Then you will now move to the next step of creating amazing content.

Content is KING when is comes to gaining new traffic to your website. Creating new content and running a construction business does not mesh well. Therefore most companies will hire a new SEO expert as their employee and handle this task.

Is website content all I need to receive high rankings in online search engines?

Content is extremely important for any business that has an online presence. There are many more aspects to your website that your business would need. Let’s go through a short list because reading through over 200 points of Googles algorithm can be exhausting.

What can we start with when it comes to construction SEO?
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Well written scholarly content
  • Titles and Headers
  • Authentic images
  • Informative or educational videos
  • Page speed for quick load times
  • On and Off page link building
  • CTA (call to action buttons)
  • and many more…

This is just the tip of the iceberg when comes to construction SEO.

What does Social Ubiquity know about SEO for construction?

Social Ubiquity was founded by Robert Montoya who started his first job in construction at 16 years old. Assisting foreman’s with errands and construction cleanup. Moving onto working for a pipeline company and spending a few years in the trenches working on water and waste lines. Heavy equipment operator at the age of 22 and site foreman shortly after. Below is a brief description.

  • First construction job at 16 years old
  • Pipeline labor
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Pipeline foreman
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Project manager
  • Union carpenter
  • Executive operations manager for
    • MinExpo
    • ConExpo
    • CES
    • Orgil

You must understand the industry to help other construction business owners succeed and scale their business through search engine optimization.

Our agency has assisted numerous construction companies and service companies surpass the competition by being proactive and not reactive in the tech world.

Why should I outsource our SEO to Social Ubiquity for new construction business?

Bottom line is that for the fraction of the cost of a regular full time employee. We handle your website and continue to build each month with the latest information and optimize for search engines.


Five Star Web Design Rating

Google Review

“I have been looking for a local web designer. Robert is from Henderson and designed our website and he creates all our families invitations for all occasions. I recommend social ubiquity for any web design work.”

Sheena Gonzalez

Five Star Web Design Rating

Google Review

“Creates compelling website designs. Social Ubiquity understands details, uses expressive details to clearly paint the image of the brand. The experience I got was TOP NOTCH.”

Alex Brian

Five Star Web Design Rating

Google Review

Very responsive website design. Highly recommended

Debra Smith

Construction SEO is such a broad term, let’s get specific.

There is a variety of specialized services each construction company provides that makes them unique and demanded. These services start from the ground up. From land development to residential and commercial building. Then you have the service providers after the construction is complete. Concrete and foundation repairs, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and landscaping.

We specialize in construction SEO for the simple fact that is what we know and continue to learn what is happening and trending within these industries. New techniques, equipment and material that is used.

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SEO is simply a math game and can be a vital part to your companies growth.

Do you want to maximize your bottom line with SEO?

Let us break down a simple RETURN ON INVESTMENT by using SEO services for your construction business.

  • SEO services: $2k monthly ($24k annually)
  • Gain 12k visitors to the website
  • Your services cost: $1.5k per job (estimating)
  • Conversion rate of 5% of 12k visitors (600 leads)
  • 600 x $1.5 = $900,000.00
  • ROI = $876,000.00
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