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As Congress is opening up and making cannabis legal state by state. This gives the opportunity for dispensaries to open up to the public in their local area. By having a Cannabis SEO plan in place will attract the locals to your dispensary.

No More ppc ads for Dispensaries

Here is what we can do for your Local Cannabis Dispensary Agency

First things first, we take the time to research your target market and what your end users are looking for. After this in depth analysis, we then will complete our strategy plan for the duration of the contract. 

The most important aspect of our SEO services is to position you positively among other competitors. Also get the lion’s share of the traffic flowing to your business. 

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Cannabis Dispensary SEO Management

On Page and Off Page SEO, Content Marketing as content is king. We provide reporting and analysis.

Local seo for Cannabis dispensaries

Dominate the local listing by increasing your online visibility with a first page listing that will produce higher conversion rates.

Top Ranking Google listings

Top ranking Google listings will drive 300% more traffic to your website that Social Media. With these numbers the ROI (return on investment) is extremely profitable.

Your local dispensary mobile layout

Knowing that 80% of the traffic to your business is from search engines. 70% of that traffic are looking up your business through mobile devices. Google ranks mobile before desktop.

Top Keyword research in the Cannabis industry

Keyword research is critical in any industry. But this does not stop with just keywords. We research long tail keywords and questions your audience is asking.

Cannabis SEO Strategy

Designing A Cannabis Dispensary SEO Strategy Plan With The Experts

With various types of Cannabis, there is so much information that must be out there to educate. For the local and national community of Cannabis users and Distributors.

Taking your brand to whole new level is what we are all about when it comes to the Cannabis Industry. We do our research and are very familiar with this sector. Using our services to build authority is all about persistence and keep up with the competition.

Your business is not the only one that will try to take the lead on Google’s search engine. Dispensaries are taking up SEO to gain more organic traffic to their cannabis shop.

There is three major parts to putting together a strategic SEO plan for the Cannabis Industry.

Bail Bonds SEO Content Marketing

Content Marketing

With Google’s new algorithm updates, content is king in this industry. We take the necessary steps to make sure your website is being built out with the amazing content. The type that will keep your audience engaged.

On and Off Page Bail Bonds SEO

On/off page SEO

On and Off Page SEO is where we are going to manipulate your website to make it more understable for Google to read. There is no way to manipulate Google with SEO techniques. We analyze your website each month against your main competitors. This is how we can gauge our next moves that will increase your rankings.

Monitoring SEO Results

Execute & Monitor

We break down in detail what is working and what is the next step. The reports are not just for show and tell. We take these reports to analyze our next move within our strategy plan. We are there for our clients to understand the whole process.

Social Ubiquity | #1 Cannabis SEO Agency

Local SEO & Web Design

Social Ubiquity has thrives by your success as a business owner. We position our clients to have a much more positive outlook to the community with authoritive websites. 

We build websites that will succeed and are pleasing to the eye of the end users. When your company website does not match your business and fully represent what the business is about. Call us to take care of that for you. 

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